Moldova summons Russian ambassador after media reporting on alleged spy devices on embassy’s rooftop

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Moldova has summoned the Russian ambassador in Chisinau after a media report surfaced alleging the embassy installed spying devices on its rooftop, according to the Moldovan foreign ministry.

It comes after the Insider media outlet and Moldova’s Jurnal TV reported this week after a joint investigation that 28 satellite dishes and other communication devices had been installed on the Russian embassy’s rooftop and a neighboring residential building used by embassy’s staff.

The Moldovan foreign ministry “in close coordination with other competent institutions, is analyzing the nature and extent of these espionage actions, including the activity of the persons mentioned in the investigation, in order to respond appropriately and promptly to the situation,” the ministry said in a statement.

“We consider absolutely unacceptable any acts of espionage and foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova, which represent a direct challenge to the sovereignty and national security of our state,” it added.

Moscow’s ambassador in Chisinau Oleg Vasnetsov was summoned on Tuesday “to provide clarifications and explanations on the situation,” the ministry said.

“Depending on further developments, the Moldovan authorities will consider several options for a response,” it concluded.

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